Building the "now" Generation oF leaders


session 1: "African American Advancement on Capitol Hill" 3.10.17

In a tight job market, African American candidates need to be even more strategic about how they search for jobs, apply for positions, advance in their careers, and build the skills to be competitive. 

In this new political climate where there are fewer jobs for Democratic staffers, and a push for greater diversity, job candidates need to develop a plan to be effective in this search. 


session 2: "Branding yourself in A job Search" - 3.31.17

In this competitive job market, you have to stand out. Too many job candidates try to conform and lower their chances of being hired.

Troy will give you strategies to identify your strengths and market yourself in a job search. This is not a resume writing session.

Troy will challenge you to identify your skills, present them in your marketing materials (resume, cover letter, and interview), and educate you on the ways employers evaluate candidates.


session 3: "The Hill Leaders Speak" - 8.23.17

Get inside the mind of the leaders in politics.

They discussed:

  • How they made it

  • What they look for when hiring staff

  • The common mistakes job applicants make


session 4: "The Black Staff Assistant: Get Hired. Move Up. Do well" 5.24.18

Black Staff Assistants face unique challenges on Capitol Hill. So, I've designed a session focused on you. As part of the fourth session in the "Intern to Chief" series, this interactive workshop will give you practical skills to get your foot in the door, excel at your job, and move to the next level.