Troy Clair


The Power of Triumph

Troy Clair is from Brooklyn and his story could have been one of tragedy instead of a Triumph.

Troy knows that good strategy starts by not just thinking outside of the box, but with correctly diagnosing what’s inside. Therefore, you must correctly define the problem before coming up with an effective solution.

Troy applies his knowledge of policy, politics, and process to get this done. He has been “in the room” learning from our nation’s most senior government, nonprofit, and business leaders while also being “at the table” advising these leaders as well.

Troy knows that a good coach meets people where they are, listens, and tailors strategies to their unique strengths.

Troy has been at the side, and in the ear, of the nation’s leaders in government, business, and nonprofits. He has a keen ability to help leaders identify, and achieve, personal and professional goals. Troy has helped senior elected officials, Obama Administration leaders, candidates, and non profit organizational managers execute strategic plans to help them achieve their goals.

Troy has not only advised executives but also coaches, empowers, and inspires emerging political and business leaders to advance their careers and make an impact. Troy works to unlock the potential of individuals and helps them identify their passion, purpose, and potential so they can make their mark on the world.

Troy’s compassionate, but direct, approach has helped individuals and groups, from interns to executives, think about themselves and their environments in a new way to promote personal and professional growth.